Download 3d textures decorative finishes Made in Italy

This section provides a wide selection of high-quality decorative finish textures, available free of charge to all design users, sourced from top companies specializing in producing paints for both interior and exterior applications.

Decorative finishes represent the final layer applied to surfaces, crucial in determining the perceived final appearance. The quality of these finish textures profoundly influences the aesthetic of a project, particularly in interior design, shaping perceptions of space in terms of light, dimensions, and atmosphere.

Sand-effect, metallic plaster effect, sponge effect, textured paints with tactile sensations or three-dimensional effects, circular finishing decorations, abstract motifs, or those inspired by natural material patterns all are included.
Find the decorative finish texture that best suits your style and needs within a selection of high-quality paints, all Made in Italy.

Syncronia and its partners offer valuable support to designers by providing access to textures, material libraries, catalogs, and technical information specifically tailored for decorative finishes suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

This facilitates significant time savings by consolidating all necessary materials for design into one optimized and high-quality resource.

Within this section, all partner products of decorative finishes, along with various textures and color variants, are available. Designers can thus select products that best match their aesthetic, functional, and design requirements, with the freedom to download all useful textures for graphic representation of the environment free of charge.
The textures and libraries for decorative finishes, available for free download, are primarily focused on creating renderings, photorealistic images, and graphic work. These materials are provided in formats like .rfa and .adsklib for Revit, .mat for 3ds Max, compatible with rendering engines such as V-Ray or Mental ray and graphic software like Photoshop.

These decorative finish textures offer excellent rendering quality and seamlessly adapt to any surface. Material libraries in formats like .rfa, .mat, or .adsklib allow for the immediate use of pre-prepared materials without the need for adjustments, directly applicable in renderings, ensuring excellent quality in rendering in the shortest time possible.

Crafted from high-quality images and seamless textures, the 3D textures and material libraries for decorative finishes guarantee a flawless application on extensive surfaces without displaying the typical repetition of texture or loss of quality.



Marcopolo is a classy finish for the creation of luminous walls by the effect of brushed metal.

Marcopolo Sablè

Marcopolo Sablè stands out thanks to the precious texture similar to fine sand, with a pleasant rough to the tou


Decorative wax easy to spread and fast drying which, indicated on lime-based decorative finishes, enables to obt


GRIMANI is a decorative finish designed to cover and decorate the multitude of contemporary architectural surfaces.  
Decorative finishes

Marmur Fine

Lime-based trowel coating with marble powder for interiors and exteriors.
Decorative finishes


Metallo_Fuso is a decorative coating for interior vertical surfaces, made from selected metal alloy powders, bi-component epoxy resin compounds, fi
Decorative finishes


Decorative coating for interiors, with gold, silver, and pearl metallic patterns 
Decorative finishes


Decorative finishing for interiors that gives a soft and textured effect.
Decorative finishes

Calipso Chic

Decorative paint containing metallic pigments and special aggregates that create a textured appearance and an attractive play of changing lights an
Decorative finishes


Lime-based mineral wall coating for indoors and outdoors.
Interior paints


Anti-reflective paint for indoor use. It is washable and opaque, which provides excellent coverage.
Decorative finishes


Mineral lime based wall coating, easy to apply, with drying times that enable rapid use of living spaces.

K81 Topcap

Wall enamel for interiors and exteriors with high smachability, impermeable to water, highly opaque.
Decorative finishes


Decorative effect with circular movements based on a mineral wall covering in paste.  
Decorative finishes


Three-dimensional decorative effect that refers to the natural grain of the wood and its uniqueness.  
Decorative finishes


Three-dimensional decorative effect that recalls the crocodile skin in all its uniqueness, thanks to the use of different products and tools in a c
Decorative finishes


Decorative effect that uses mineral coatings, able to simulate the material appearance of rust.  
Decorative finishes


Metallic effect decorative finish.
Decorative finishes

Charme Velvet

Charme Velvet is a decorative finish that allows to obtain unique results, characterized by different shades and chromatic nuances.

310 Biosmacchiabile Opaco

Matt wall enamel, characterized by unbeatable washability, gives the wall the ability to resist wear and friction over time.