M.arte Design


Each and every Marte product is born from a concept, a detail that inspires and transports you elsewhere. Chairs, tables, and furnishing accessories designed and produced by the Marte team to improve the perception of your office, home, restaurant, bar or hotel.
Each line is intended, seduced and drawn in order to satisfy the attention to detail, all the while bearing in mind the product’s innate functionality.
Our products are designed to express that something extra which is somehow missing in things, but that exists in objects. The Marte products are rich in meaning and look more like artifacts than industrial products, in short: they have soul. For this reason they are products that excite, and last while having a minimal impact on that which is most precious, the right to a healthy environment. 



42 Stool

Linear, essential, elegantly functional. The search for simplicity is not wasted on the product, ...



Alfa is the result of a deliberate chance meeting, because nothing is born of coincidence. Alfa i...

Lounge Chair


Love and fortune: a perfect combination. This stylized pouf embodies two symbols, singularly it r...



Instinct is innate, it cannot be learned. By nature instinct is archaic, it precedes, simplifies,...



Enki’s look is essential yet fascinating. Communicating with the senses, it creates a highly stim...



The new chair collection designed by Enzo Berti, Paro, is conceived from the start as a design be...



Elegant, versatile, enchanting. A chair with a contemporary personality, outlined in the most ico...

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