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The Gogan collection owes its name to nature and in particular to Japanese stones polished by time and water, which have been a source of inspiration for this project.
This is the name given to the Japanese stones placed on the banks of rivers and lakes to protect and embellish the banks. The shapes of the sofa, as well as those of the armchair, are reminiscent of the soft stones sculpted by the wind and water, massive but at the same time soft, on which they can rest.
As in stone sculptures, where the stones are balanced by virtue of the joints and the position, in the Gogan sofa and armchair the balance between the elements is given by the shape, not too regular: thanks to a game of gravity and balance, shapes that should be heavy manage to be light.

The seats are soft and irregular and the structure of the seat is slightly inclined towards the rear; this gives extreme comfort to the pieces in the collection and keeps the back lower. Back and seat are joined by buttresses that give an idea of ​​lightness.