Special Light-Special Light Joist

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The "SPECIAL LIGHT" series of adjustable bases are designed and engineered to provide sturdy, self-levelling support for raised floors used in new construction and renovation projects. Being very versatile, they can be used both externally and internally on different types of flooring such as porcelain stoneware, stone, marble, composite wood, wood and prefabricated tiles. They are used as self-levelling supports under a raised floor to make waterproofed and non-waterproofed areas practicable. The adjustable bases of the SPECIAL LIGHT line are made of polypropylene, designed to ensure long life and increase load-bearing capacity.
Thanks to the full anti-unscrewing locking system, the maximum height can be reached without exceeding it.The base has holes designed to optimise water drainage in the lower part of the recesses guiding the cutting of the base, allowing it to be installed flush to the wall or in a corner.

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