Bathroom taps,
Axor One

Bathroom taps Axor One 3D Models

CHANGE THE WAY THE SHOWER The London-based creative couple BARBER Edward and Jay Osgerby designed for Axor
(design brand Hansgrohe) the new shower system AXOR ONE. Not so much a tap as a new way of 'use it'. From the knobs to the switch: this is the
epochal shift that promises to radically alter an everyday gesture. In practice this' 'control
panel that is installed in place of the normal wall taps, rewrites the shower experience,
simplifying the opening of the flow at the right temperature with the view to save water and
energy possibly increasing the pleasure of' experience. The central knob in fact merely serves to pre-set temperature and flow, while water will
'turn on' and 'off' mechanically through some real mechanical switches: one or more
pushbuttons connected to the shower head, the hand shower and / or any side showers.
Axor One allows you to turn on or off simultaneously more water jets with a single click,
even at busy hands, using the elbow or the back of your hand! Eco mode lowers power
consumption by up to 50%. Minimal and soft forms -in line with smart phones and hi-tech objects contemporanei-
make the universal appeal of the new taps Axor One. Designed in the classic chrome
finish is also available in special steel finishes, satin, copper and even 'red gold'. Thanks
to the "Axor Manufaktur" like every Axor taps you can request any type of custom variant.