Draining floors,Granulato Verde Alpi 3-5mm

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Innovative continuous outdoor flooring, made of natural stone and two-component resin which, thanks to its unique characteristics, combines beauty, functionality, praticality and respect for the environment.  It is made from the mix of three components, the first two (A+B) function as a binder, while the third (C) is characterized by natural stones in a wide range of colors. Drenatech® is 100% permeable, wear-resistant and frost-resistant, and allows a high freedom of design due to the ability to match color inks and different types to create edges, motifs and writing. Due to its particular composition, Drenatech® is able to meet all design requirements, guaranteeing maximum reliability with high chemical and mechanical strength (excellent compression resistance  > 210 kg/cm2) as demonstrated by numerous tests.