Minima 3.0

Download 3d model MDF Italia Minima3.0

Minima 3.0 by Metrica Design Bruno Fattorini

A library crafted through aluminum extrusion, available in both floor-standing and wall-mounted versions.

The number 3 serves as the central element of the Minima 3.0 collection, representing the three key components of the system: shelf, upright, and container.

Minima 3.0 embodies the natural evolution of Minima, an iconic product from the MDF Italia collection that received an honorable mention at the XVIII Compasso d'Oro ADI in 1998.
Technological innovation has allowed Minima 3.0 to achieve an even more minimal and distinctive identity, thanks to its lightweight and slender aluminum structure. All the containers that can accessorize Minima 3.0 are simply placed within the structure and easily repositioned. Uprights and shelves are constructed using extruded aluminum, 100% recyclable. Minima 3.0 is available in the following colors: white, graphite grey, shadow grey, and pearl niche, exclusively in the matte finish.

There are two types of containers available for Minima 3.0:

- Basic Container: Usable in both floor-standing and wall-mounted versions, available in the following finishes: micro-textured matte lacquer or wood essence.

- Extra Container: Crafted in woven Cement (Cimento®) or lacquered crystal, these containers align with contemporary architectural and living styles.

Two variations of the Minima 3.0 library are offered:

- Floor-Standing: Available in eight different heights with a depth of 33 cm. Possibility to integrate shelves with LED lights.

- Wall-Mounted: Four height options for this version, measuring 38 cm, 74.5 cm, 111 cm, and 147.5 cm. Internal compartment height is 35 cm.

Within the MDF Italia Brand page, apart from Minima 3.0, you can also explore other types within the same series:

- Sketch

- Sideboard

- Room Divider

In the download section on this page, you will find both 2D and 3D files for the Minima 3.0 library. By downloading the available technical sheets, you can access more information about the products in the Minima 3.0 collection. Don't forget to download and review the catalogs as well.

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