Sospiro Bed

Download BIM-3D Model Sospiro Bed Riva1920

Designer: Claudio Bellini

Sospiro Bed
is the new bed by Riva1920 where functionality and design come together seamlessly. The combination of two elements with soft and rounded lines, such as the solid wood base and the upholstered headboard covered in leather or fabric, characterizes the entire structure of the bed.

The base, also crafted from solid wood and seemingly straightforward, conceals strength and solidity beneath its surface. The upholstered bed frame, providing comfort and luxury, is embraced by the natural beauty of the wood.

The wide range of fabrics and leather available for the headboard covering offers extensive customization options for the bed, catering to different tastes and preferences. Within this product page, in the download section, you can find all the textures for fabric or leather coverings, all available for free.In addition to textures, 3D files are available for architects and designers, useful for CAD, Sketchup, FBX; BIM and RFA for those working in BIM. Sospiro Bed meets the practical requirements of a bed while adding a touch of sophistication and design to the bedroom where it is placed.

Would you like more information or design advice for incorporating Sospiro Bed into your project? Contact Riva1920's staff through the dedicated contact form below.

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