Living area furnishing accessories,
Mida 2010

Living area furnishing accessories Mida 2010 3D Models

The common denominator of the containers mida has a base in sections steel bronzed, bright chromed, nickeled varnished or painted black, on which rest the various types of container: the little ones with legs available in two heights, which can be rotated to outside of 270 ° and various interior fittings; the long, low dresser with doors that rotate discovering a day now the two outer grooves, now the central ones; Library Large characterized by eflective bronzed glass sliding door; the chest of drawers in two sizes. Woods: gray oak, brown oak, brushed light oak, brushed black oak and smoked oak. With this '_ finish last, are obvious, thanks to the cut that mimics the dexterity than a saw, traces of processing that add value at that' _ timeless elegance, a figure of recognizable maxalto. The interior of the containers are available in wood or painted glossy color brick.

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