Living area furnishing accessories,
VX10 - The Mouth of Truth

Living area furnishing accessories VX10 - The Mouth of Truth 3D Models

Just like the legendary Mouth of Truth in Rome, the ember contained in this furnishing element, is an invitation to insert one’s hand in it to try to see if the effect is real. The legend says that the original marble mask is kept at the entrance wall of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome and was intended to test the honesty of one’s beloved. By placing the hand in the mask’s mouth, one could have it instantly cut off if having lied on the loyalty and love towards the beloved one. In the movie “Roman Holiday”, Gregory Peck brought a young and frightened Audrey Hepburn to the wall where the famous mask is placed, inviting her to try and teasing her.
Will you have the same courage?


Materials: Corian.
Available in black and white, total black, total white.
Other colors are available upon customer’s request.