As the language we speak, the mosaic is a form of living art in continuous evolution. For this reason the craftsman must not seek refuge in the tradition, but has the duty to rethink and innovate it constantly, exploring the infinite expressive potential of this ancient art of tiles passed on through the centuries, in harmony with the taste of modern society. From this demand emerges the idea of the Contemporary Collection, a line of mosaic compositions which converge the heritage of the thirty-year experience of Friul Mosaic - with its precious handicraft unicum - andthe creativity to propose architectural andfurniture solutions made entirely by hand in his own atelier tailored-made with rigor and precision. Wire conductor of the new Collection are the geometric patterns, which the recurrent figurative rhythms are distributed in a harmonious and a uniform way on the mosaic surface. The same composition, made in different chromatic shades with tesseras of different sizes, fits perfectly in any length, creating a coherent space to shape, color and dimensions. From the mixture of tradition and modernity come alive mural and flooring mosaics that together with the high aesthetic value characterize compositeness of drawing, modularity and flexibility of use in any type of environment.