Mosaics Legno 3D Models

Hardwood mosaic with bevelled square chips 8mm thick, in size 23x23 and 23x48mm, mounted on glass fibre mesh to form a sheet of 300x300mm in which the chips are about 2.2mm apart.

The characteristics of the technical substrate reflect the absolute prioritisation of the environment and safety:

- absolutely formaldehyde-free

- fire resistant (class E1)

- dimensional and structural strength and stability, even when immersed in water.

The top of the wooden mosaic chip consists of 4mm of solid hardwood, while the bottom part comprises  4mm of material made from regenerated polymers and wood fibre from environment-friendly sources.

The two sections are glued together using a dual component polyurethane adhesive resistant to water, heat and a large number of chemicals.

The surfaces of the chips are varnished. The protective varnish consists of a dual component polyurethane primer with exceptional hardness and resistance to chemicals and abrasion, which does not discolour over time.

The characteristics listed and the meticulous treatments the hardwood undergoes make it suitable for use in bathrooms or kitchens, although NOT immersed in water.

Since this is a natural product, there may be considerable differences of shade within the same finish, even if the type of wood is identical.

There are 5 types of hardwood available: Oak, Bleached Oak, Doussié, Canaletto Walnut and Wengé. 

The chips are designed and produced in Italy.

The joints in the material must be filled with an epoxy grout.

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