ROYAL WAVES 3d texture

Versatile, luxurious and bright: tough and non-absorbent, vitreous mosaics are ideal for giving personality to the coverings of areas in contact with water, such as bathrooms, spas and pools.
Chip colours do not change over time, and installation under waterenhances all mosaics’ shine and colour, giving interiors a touch of luxury and beauty, thanks to the bright colours of the vitreous glazes with all their iridescence and variety.
What’s more, since the chips are small they are easily able to cover curved surfaces, beautifying all the architectural features that come into contact with water.
The rich luminosity of “mosaic” material adds an exquisite touch to spaces large and small, with decorative motifs appearing in graduated intensity, breaking down into subtle signs and geometric forms and then blending into the depths of the whole colour. 
The Mosaico+ range of decors comprises modular motifs and individual compositions, for versatile combination with a vast assortment of whole and blended colours and graduated shades in a variety of chip sizes.
Contemporary design solutions, ready to use and highly adaptable, suitable for satisfying any design or functional challenge, are styled to dialogue with a variety of furnishings, materials and finishes, in line with the latest home design trends