Paintings,Betoncryll Semitrasparente

External and internal cladding, facades, and masonry
Interior coatings
Decorative finishes

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Decorative protective agent for concrete with a colored semi-covering effect. It creates a water-repellent protective layer, resistant to freeze/thaw cycles, to the basicity of concrete and to the penetration of CO2 and SO2 gases, present in smog and rain, which today are the worst enemies of concrete because they cause carbonation and the consequent rusting of the iron reinforcement. Also suitable for masonry, fiber cement or stone. Available in 20 colors.

Available downloads

BIM files for Autodesk Revit - RFA

Material library for Autodesk 3ds Max - mat

Texture for 3ds Max and other softwares

BIM Files for Autodesk Revit - Adsklib