Stoneware floors,
Vie della pietra

Vie della Pietra transfers the authentic beauty of stone to two totally original formats, measuring 22.5x22.5 and 22.5x45, non-rectified. The two small formats chosen add a modern touch to all outdoor areas around the home, from small gardens to patios, from private swimming pools to large outdoor areas. This floor collection is made up of 7 different surfaces, Falesia, Foehn, Altavalle, Quarzite, Oriente, Alpinia e Galassia, each one inspired by a different surface pattern and texture and available in its own exclusive colour shade. The 7 neutral tones selected make up a versatile and well-balanced colour palette. The close resemblance with the natural materials, the bold graphics shading, the modular design of the various formats and the two thicknesses available, 9 and 20 mm, make Via della Pietra an incredibly versatile solution. To allow modular layouts, for the 9 mm thickness we recommend leaving a 3 mm joint while for HiThick variant we suggest a 4mm one.