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“Pillow is inspired by our need to recharge our batteries and rest during the course of the day and by observing the convivial and social rituals that human beings adopt in different cultural contexts. My travels, my studies of the nomadic cultures in Asia and the Middle East and my interest in the changeable nature of social gatherings in Western cities got me thinking about the possibility of combining different ways of “being together” and of creating a seat that permits as much movement as possible, meeting the needs of both those that want more privacy and those that wish to socialise”. Andrea Anastasio

Pillow is much more than a simple pouf that complements a sofa: in fact, its structure enables it to live freely and independently in its space, a separate seat that is able to adapt to different interior design and architectural requirements. The cushion, the focal point of Pillow, grabs the attention right away and intrigues for its balance, only apparently “unstable”, which allows it to be moved with the utmost ease and versatility. The variety of the colours and textures underlines the chameleonic character of the product, enabling it to move perfectly naturally from the domestic space to the work environment, from the relaxed atmosphere of a lounge to the more dynamic context of a waiting room.

Andrea Anastasio presents Pillow, watch the full interview.

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