Small pools,

Small pools Cheers 3D Models

Design by Nilo Gioacchini

Cheers is the Hydrospa by Teuco, that can be placed in the garden, in a patio, or on the terrace.

These spas provide functionality and comfort, paying attention to the environment. Teuco proposes Cheers in two variants characterized by saving energy features:

-Eco-Sunny, solution designed for temperate climates or indoor applications with a greatly reduced
consumption of electric power;

-ECO-function, which reduces power consumption and allows the use of other households, with reuced performances.

Cheers most important features are:

-Cromoexperience: underwater and multifunctional 8 colors
-Audio-bluetooth and acoustic panel oyster:
audio transmission and  playback through external devices
-Waterfall: cascading effect


-SPA-Frog: integrated system for water sanitation

-Filtration swirl circulation: thanks to the ergonomic shape of the shells, cheers easily direct the water to the filter, ensuring continuous purification


Cheers 1: 200x200cm

Cheers 2: 220 x220cm
Cheers 3: 230 230 cm
Cheers 4: 160 x220cm