An eclipse, a majestic spectacle offered to us by the sky, the unthreatening suspension of the ordinary rhythm of everyday life to which we can abandon ourselves with curious confidence. Light that becomes filled with meaning through its reverse in a fascinating role play where light and dark are strikingly played together. Two forces of nature rapidly alternating the role of protagonist against the backdrop of the sky. Light that does not threaten to become engulfed by the darkness but, as it slowly fades, appears to tell us that it is possible to stop and observe the sky for no other purpose than that of childish wonder. This natural spectacle inspired VG to create ECLIPSE: a revolving chair which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Measurements: Height 200 cm – Chair width 90 cm – Length 270 cm. Structure: Multilayered, Fir wood, Faesite, open cell polyurethane with differentiated densities,Dacron layers. Base: MDF lined with glossy steel lamina and 360° rotating metal plate.

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