Wellness Therapy

Download BIM model Wellness Therapy Varaschin

Designer: Alberto Apostoli.

Varaschin and wellness. At the centre of the design and realisation of Wellness Therapy are self-care, loving oneself, the search for an understanding with one's self and with one's living spaces, a business line dedicated to the world of spas and beyond.
Varaschin Wellness Therapy translates this concept into furnishings, building a closer bond between the human being and nature. The starting point is the search for purity with elements that seem to float in space evoking pleasure and lightness.  Light, sound, colour and scent chase each other, creating a relaxing experience in which emotion and holistic sensoriality come into play.

Letto singolo is an innovative modular system, the volumes join together, giving people the pleasure of designing the wellness space according to their own desires. The upholstered top, covered in Wellness fabric, where the light ring is integrated laterally both as a structural element and as a vehicle for the therapeutic functions of colour.

With Letto doppio, wellness opens up to the dimension of intimacy and sociability, to the joy of you and me together. The large surface of the bed surface seems to be suspended. Like the single bed, it comes complete with an integrated light ring. 

Lettino Relax, distinguished from other complements by its soft, discreet and lively aesthetics, synthesises comfort and natural beauty. The metal support blends structure and aesthetics thanks to the elliptical elements that gently support the chaise longue, making its essential shapes think to live in harmony with the Sasso elements.

Sasso, the stone that time moulds into essential shapes. Imitating nature, wellness accommodates multi-sensory and multimedia furnishing elements involving sight, hearing, touch and smell.

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