Frames and subframes,
Syntesis Line Battente

Door frame for flush-to-wall hinged door.

Universal frame for plasterboard walls and masonry walls.

ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battente is the solution that allows to install a swing door flush with the wall, without jambs and architraves. The system also offers the possibility of having the door flush with the ceiling, without an upper header, for a continuous, wide open ceiling between adjacent rooms.
The frame is primer-coated to be painted with the wall without additional steps.
Door panels supplied by ECLISSE are equipped with an adjustable internal tensioning rod to maintain a constant coplanarity with the wall.

Available with inclined upper edge, with different angles both with or without header, and with acoustic kit (sound insulation performance up to 33 dB).

For the double door version see ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battente Estensione.


When paired with an ECLISSE paintable door panel (supplied already primed), it matches perfectly with the rest of the ECLISSE product line of paintable flush-to-wall products:

  • the ECLISSE Syntesis Line and ECLISSE Syntesis Luce pocket doors
  • the primed version of the ECLISSE 40 splayed frame for flush hinged doors
  • the ECLISSE Syntesis Areo flush access panels
  • the ECLISSE Syntesis Tech flush-to-wall hatches
  • the ECLISSE Syntesis Baseboard profile for flush skirting board
  • the primed version of the ECLISSE Delta inclined skirting board

Whether with paint or wallpaper, it is possible to customise flush doors, access panels, hatches and skirting boards to meet every practical need and furnish an entire room in complete freedom.


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