Lucky Luke - Inediti 04 Arcade

Lucky Luke belongs to Inediti Cruise Collection Serie 04 - ARCADE. Inediti Serie 04 is the place where you can let yourself be transported by memories, stories, imaginary dimensions to face new playful challenges. The new collection offers a series of game levels and encourages the imagination to explore new scenarios in which to play its own game. The journey through different worlds will open to cues and reflections derived from encounters and messages, some of which are very profound and auspicious.
Choosing to play is giving yourself the opportunity to colour your everyday life with a playful component that can help you facing the everyday challenges. As in a videogame, proceeding along the path will allow you to explore new game levels, make new experiences and accumulate points and reserves of light-heartedness. Perseverance will lead to an increasing score until you reach the high score.
The walls will become the background of the game level, recreating a micro-universe within the rooms where you become the protagonists of your daily game like the avatar of a videogame. An exuberant path through which to collect a high score of light-heartedness and positive thoughts.


Designers: Inkiostro Bianco / Leo De Carlo / Paola Orione - Casavisual
Materials: vinyl wallpaper / EQ.Dekor glass fiber wallpaper / Tela taffetà stretched fabric
Design year: 2020

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