Washbasins and toilet,
Adda Wall mounted Integrated Basin L40

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With a nod to the wooden décor of the 1950s and 60s, designer David Lopez Quincoces has created a retro-contemporary
collection that plays with the inherent properties of each material in the coolness of natural stone and the warmth of
wood. Adda creates a sensation of warmth and elegance. Its rich-toned walnut wood has been transformed into a classic
ribbed finish by some of Italy’s finest woodworkers and the stone basins are crafted and hand-finished in Tuscany. In
addition to the original ribbed version, Adda also now comes with facings in smooth walnut, maple and thermo-treated oak.
Adda is a collection which sits comfortably in both bathroom and living environments thanks to its modular storage/console
system with wooding facing and stone top. It can be used in conjunction with a basin or on its own to display a television,
books or other objects, with the additional advantage of the discreet storage solution offered by its drawers.
The wall-mounted version offers a choice of basin placement, with the option of countertop and integrated. It consists of a
range of modular components which can be combined with drawers from the Adda series so as to create utmost flexibility in 
terms of length.