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2tec2 - Bazalt Orange - Texture per 3ds Max e altri software

2tec2 has been engineered for high traffic locations such as workspaces, hospitality, public spaces, healthcare and retail. Therefor it is extremely robust with almost no aspect change over time, stain resistant, waterproof and easy to clean.

2tec2 is an excellent functional hybrid flooring that combines the best characteristics of both hard surface flooring and carpet. All the advantages of a woven vinyl flooring - cleaning, hygiene, durability & aesthetics - are now available with excellent acoustic properties and improved underfoot comfort thanks to the Comfort Backing. This innovative backing reduces both ambient and impact sound - Impact Sound Reduction: 19dB, Walking Noise Reduction: 70%, Sound Absorption: aW 0,15 -, making the acoustic properties of 2tec2 far better than hard flooring and within the same range of most textile carpet tiles.

The contemporary design look allows virtually unlimited design flexibility. All rolls and a selection of tiles (Cracked Earth, Colourful, Lustre and Seamless) show no visible seams when installed in a monolithic broadloom pattern. Tiles are available as squares (50x50cm), mini squares (25x25cm), diamonds, hexagons, triangles and planks.

Environmental efforts make 2tec2 suitable for projects built according to BREEAM and LEED. All 2tec2 products contain 10% recycled material.