Deanna Comellini

Deanna Comellini

Contemporary carpets and rugs


Country : IT
City : Ravarino
Postal code : 41017
Address : via dogaro levante 83 a/b

Deanna Comellini spent her formative years in the artistic environment of Bologna during the 70’s. In 1974, she entered the world of design, starting to work for the company CASTELLI. Her first collection of décor complements was presented by Maddalena Da Padova in Milan in 1977, the year in which Deanna founded the company G.T.DESIGN, for which she is designer and art director. During the 80’s, the will to discover, explore, and salvage traditional techniques of various international cultures brought her to think and work on a concept of “imperfect design”. Her curiosity, free from boundaries, has led to the creation of an encounter between artisanal knowledge and project culture. Her emphasis on hand-made, natural materials, colour and elementary forms, led to her creating a new genre in the 90s, reinventing the presence of textiles in interior design. Today her project research focuses on the contemporary carpet, intended as an essential element of interior architecture and design.


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