CAP Arreghini


Passion, professionalism and quality are the values ​​of the growth path of CAP Arreghini.

CAP Arreghini designs, manufactures and distributes paint products for building constructions, wood and iron structures, ensuring the pleasure of the aesthetic effect, attention to human wellbeing and respect for the environment.

All production is 100% Made in Italy, a value that expresses the great commitment to the entire production cycle and its complexities.

Leader in distribution and sales network on the national scene, CAP Arreghini SpA is the only company to offer a range of products so complete and varied, intended for the most diverse applications, confirming the professionalism and reliability that distinguish it.


ISO 14001



Wall paintings


Anti-reflective paint for indoor use. It is washable and opaque, which provides excellent coverag...

Decorative finishes


Decorative effect with circular movements based on a mineral wall covering in paste.  

Decorative finishes

Calipso Chic

Decorative paint containing metallic pigments and special aggregates that create a textured appea...

Decorative finishes

Charme Velvet

Charme Velvet is a decorative finish that allows to obtain unique results, characterized by diffe...

Decorative finishes


Three-dimensional decorative effect that recalls the crocodile skin in all its uniqueness, thanks...

Wall paintings


Decorative coating with a "cement" effect based on aerial lime.

Decorative finishes


Decorative paint for interior environments with a metallized effect, that creates a changing caro...

Decorative finishes


Mineral lime based wall coating, easy to apply, with drying times that enable rapid use of living...

Wall paintings

K81 Topcap

Wall enamel for interiors and exteriors with high smachability, impermeable to water, highly opaq...

Decorative finishes


Decorative painting for interiors based on charges with a finely metallic and sandy effect, which...

Decorative finishes


Three-dimensional decorative effect that refers to the natural grain of the wood and its uniquene...

Decorative finishes


Water-based paint for interiors with an iridescent effect due to the presence of special pigments...

Decorative finishes


Decorative finishing for interiors that gives a soft and textured effect.

Decorative finishes


Lime-based mineral wall coating for indoors and outdoors.

Wall paintings


Decorative Painting, to obtain a silky effect; that creates a feeling of a bright natural environ...

Decorative finishes


Metallic effect decorative finish.

Decorative finishes


Decorative paint for interior environments composed of substances that give a fine pearlescent ef...

Wall paintings


Enamel with innovative technology with exceptional protective performance, characterized by extra...

Decorative finishes


Decorative effect that uses mineral coatings, able to simulate the material appearance of rust. ...

Wall paintings


Travertino is a wall coating paste for outdoors and indoors, made with a mineral binder which all...

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