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The history of the Aran Cucine brand begins with Renzo Restelli, who at the age of twenty started dealing with kitchens by founding Newform Cucine for the sale of Italian kitchens abroad. Aran Cucine's production has always remained in Italy, in the Abruzzo region, with a strong focus on providing kitchens worldwide.

Thanks to Rastelli's idea, born in the early 2000s, of shipping kitchens in a flat pack, which allows for the stacking of up to 40 kitchens in a single container, Aran Cucine has achieved extraordinary success overseas. Aran Cucine is now a solid Italian company dedicated to design and the search for high-quality materials. It is a reality that puts itself to the test every day to provide kitchens that combine functionality and innovative kitchen furniture designs that blend traditional Made in Italy with technology.

The idea behind Aran Cucine is that the kitchen should be a space where unique emotions can be experienced with family and friends. For this purpose, we have at our disposal technology, innovative design, and craftsmanship from prestigious schools, symbolizing the tradition of Made in Italy.

Designing a kitchen with Aran Cucine means considering the needs of families to bring moments of happiness to homes around the world. Aran Cucine offers kitchen furniture in diverse, attractive, and colorful options.

Discover the LAB13 kitchen system, designed by Aran Cucine and available in endless configurations to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated palates in terms of stylistic refinement.



LAB 13

The LAB13 kitchen by Aran Cucine is a made-in-Italy kitchen furniture system complete with colour...

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