DVO S.P.A. has been founded in 1990. Since 1993 typical elements of a rapid and solid development are evident to the market. The commercial penetration increases progressively, reaching 100 Countries and 1.071 customers worldwide, multiplying its turnover with an accurate balance between domestic and export markets. The management stands out for its dynamism, idea freshness and for the constant availability to acknowledge requests from new and consolidated markets. The DVO brand is present at the most important exhibitions: Milan, Madrid, Cologne, Moscow and Dubai and, through its distributors, at many important showcases throughout the world. In addition to the numerous certifications already in hand, DVO is pursuing the route of minor ecological impact with eco-sustainable processes.

Original, functional and comfortable solutions in DVO workspaces. Attention in colour and material-matching as well as in technological details make the working environments pleasant and enjoyable, adding prestige to our company. We produce 11 different lines with a myriad of combinations.




DV701-abako designed by Antonio Morello is a furnishing with image and professionalism. 



DV702- led designed by Antonio Morello is the precise expression of constructive clarity. 



DV703-qubo design by Antonio Morello is characterized by a minimalism and clean design.


dv805 - Treko

Dv805-Treko designed by Antonio Morello is characterized by elegant simplicity. Practicality, fle...


dv807 - 4s

New operative series with an essential, linear but at the same time impressive and contemporary s...


dv901 - vertigo

Dv901-vertigo designed by Antonio Morello is the "prestigious" executive furnishing. Elegant desi...


dv902 - Planeta

Elegance of volumes. Cozy and comfortable collection, exalted through a number of available color...


dv903 - Tay

A strong identity. A collection of great aesthetic impact, where the luxury of the worktops and t...


dv904 - York

DV904 designed by Antonio Morello has a clean lines for elegant compositions. Executive series wi...


dv905 - Rym

Dv905 - Rym designed by Antonio Morello has style, funtionality and design. Prestigious executive...

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