The architectural review of the sloped roof has, during the last ten years, led to the rediscovery of traditional roofing, establishing it as an essential element adding to the harmony of the building.

The clay tile finds a natural application on hipped roofs because it is capable of unquestionable functional performance, supported by technological characteristics of absolute importance.

The essential kit of the tile consists of the free passage of air in the underlying space. This assures correct thermal cycles in the roofing and in the loft, to guarantee longer life and better internal living comfort.




Accessories available in terracotta: "chimney", "three way", "four way", "aerator", "lateral all-...


Coppo King

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Coppo Portoghese ELITE

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Coppo Portoghese tipo a mano

This line is designed  to convey a sense of harmony that blends with the environment.


Roof tile marsigliese

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Roof tile Portoghese Eurostandard

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