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For over 50 years, our work has been a key influence in the developing market for Security Door Sets – that is, a secure door leaf with its own integral adjustable security frame.


All our products result from thorough and detailed planning – we take pride in ensuring that all materials and components are very carefully selected and approved with all production being undertaken through a state-of-the-art, high technology operation that is certified to ISO 9001.


Our range of Security Door Sets, with its wide variety of styles and security systems provides not only certification against forced entry, but also impressive levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, weather resistance (water and wind) as well as the all important CE assurance.

Our range of styles and finishes, which is constantly being developed and updated, really does mean that we can achieve the most demanding of customers’ needs.


Armored doors

Security door E-Glide

Security door of Torterolo & Re 

Armored doors

Security door New Elegance Series

The models of armoured doors in the Elegance series are all anti-theft. They feature thermal insu...

Armored doors

Security door - Estroflessione

Wood can be living , modern, dynamic : this door is formed by waves that change the leaf onto the...

Armored doors

Security door Gold Plus Series

Torterolo & Re’s Gold Plus series of Class 4 security doors offer unbeatable performance, ens...

Armored doors

Security door Gold Series

This model of armoured door offers maximum antitheft protection coupled with a modern design. ...

Armored doors

Security door Confort Open Series

Comfort Open, energy saving and safety without compromise.

Armored doors

Security door Confort 09Plus Series

Environmental comfort at the highest levels There 09 Plus range represents an evolution of the co...

Armored doors

Security door Sun Light Series

Torterolo & Re’s Sunlight series of security doors are designed to allow natural light to pas...

Armored doors

Security door Portali

The Portali range of security doors offers a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing doors.

Armored doors

Security door Protection Series

With the Protection Series of security doors, you get the same high level security and environmen...

Armored doors

Security door Activa

The Activa security door includes a push bar emergency exit mechanism.

Armored doors

Security doors Cantina

Cantina security doors have been designed to provide high level protection for secondary entrance...

Armored doors

Security door Chrome Series

The Chrome series of security doors feature a structure in double galvanized steel reinforced wit...

Armored doors

Security door Serie Silver and Silver 3

Torterolo & Re’s Silver and Silver 3 series Class 2 security doors offer high security, therm...

Armored doors

Security door Serie Evoluzione

The modern texture of these panel finishes, produced with different materials alternating by alum...

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