Astrel is an Italian brand active in the electronics sector for over thirty years. Nowadays it is involved in the development of devices for the “digitalizaton” of living and work environments. 
Astrel is specialized in IoT devices and ecosystems for the home and building sectors: smart home, photovoltaic, energy saving, climate control, monitoring and safety in the house or work environments. 
All the IoT technologies are identified by the key word “Active”, because they allow people to “activate” the world they live in. Moreover, All Astrel IoT devices and systems can be “layered” over any kind of electrical installation so as to render it “active” and capable of communication.

Made in Italy is one of the key value of Astrel production. All Research & Development and manufacturing operations are carried on in-house in Italy. But not only that, during the suppliers selection process Astrel tends to favour Italian companies: a policy intended to guarantee quality, flexibility and local synergies, with enormous benefits for people and the environment.


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