Floating stairs

Floating stairs

Designed to optimize the best environments contained in a room, this lightweight helical staircase suspended from the ground defies the static rules.

The design minimizes the step in terms of weight, material used, volume and visual impact. The steep-stepped structure is that of the ladder, which frees up much more space at the bottom.  Unlike the traditional ladder, however, the alternation of steps allows the frontal descent. Their radial arrangement also makes it possible to move the load-bearing structure outwards, directly below the passage line, where the weight is actually applied, and to empty the centre, a space that is usually unused and therefore wasted in typical spiral staircases. The central support, instead of the traditional pole, is a cross-linked beam with a fluxy helicoidal design, made of two steel tubes calendered in a spiral.  The narrow, alternating steps are cantilevered to the right and left of the beam, greatly reducing the lever arm on both. The total size of the steps at any point is only 47 cm wide, almost the opposite of a traditional snail.

The "floating" structure is suspended from the ring in the ceiling of the upper landing, so it does not touch the ground and is self-supporting. The helical handrail inside the staircase accompanies the steps at the same pace, passing from the ground floor to the ceiling of the first floor, without ever touching the staircase. The shock absorbers positioned along the beam hook on to the wall and allow the entire structure to dampen vibrations, maintaining the sense of stability.

Overall, the structure of the staircase is 2.60 meters high and weighs about 60 kg.

The upper landing is intentionally lowered one last step down from the first floor, eliminating a total of three steps.

A low floating floor functions as a bench and collector in the room, providing space for seating and a large shelf for items

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 16:00

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