Hotel dei Cavalieri

Hotel dei Cavalieri

Hotel dei Cavalieri occupies part of a wedge-shaped building situated in the city center of Milan within a 1-minute walk from the Duomo, designed by Emilio Lancia in the 1949. The rounded main façade, facing Piazza Missori, represents a main landmark feature of this well-known eleven-story Milanese urban block.

Scope of work was the conversion to rooms for the Hotel of spaces actually used as offices, the renovation of the independent entrance on Corso di Porta Romana, the substitution of the existing windows, façades renovation and, finally, the refurbishment of the rooftop terrace for a new restaurant – lounge bar overlooking Piazza Missori.

The project setting is the result of an integrated work between urbanistic items, interior design and architectural design related to the historical heritage of the building and its relation with the city.
For the interiors, the design concept is to study the historic characteristics of the building and its decorative interior.

71 new rooms on 9 floors present a typological mix that comprehend 28 standard rooms, 20 medium rooms, 19 superior rooms, and 4 suite rooms. Great attention was dedicated to stratigraphy details and room walls, in order to provide acoustic insulation and privacy between the rooms. Finally, for each room typology a finishing and lighting/furniture description has been defined, according to a 4 stars hotel target and the client desiderata.

The Existing Corso di Porta Romana entrance has been reconfigured into 2 linked spaces, the entrance and the lift lobby, both provided of dedicated sittings. Finishing and furniture have been defined in relation with the architectural identity of the building. For the external façades, cleaning interventions were provided to renovate and protect both the stone basement and the upper part with mosaic finishing. Aesthetic, acoustic and energy efficiency issues also determined the necessity to provide new, extremely thin and thermal insulated window frames for the main façade, with particular attention to respect the existing design and historical heritage.

The existing roof-terrace will be renewed and extended. The floor was renovated with natural stone tiles, radially laid according to the round geometry of the terrace. The same stone tiles clad the parapet in order to obtain unity and continuity of the new spaces. Finally, a new spectacular cantilevered glass canopy, following the rounded design of the main façade, will cover the new terrace. The structure is realized with iron beams along the roof structural alignment, avoiding vertical supports to guarantee a 360° panoramic view. Solar shading is finally guaranteed by an automatic curtains system running on steel tense cables.
The whole intervention, particularly on the exteriors, renovate the historical building with an accurate and respectful approach, returning to the building its original identity and new breath-taking spaces that make the building a unique panoramic new view point over the City.

Friday, April 8, 2022 - 13:44

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