Piedras Negras (Oaxaca), Mexico - Fondacion Aldeas Agape, Mexico - 2010-ongoing - 30000 sm

Sometimes opportunities arise. The architecture returns to use the materials and the conditions of the origins. Man in front of nature. The universe and life.

The perpetual questioning of the meaning of the Whole. The project is inspired by the collaboration of Arco Associati with the Fondacioon Aldeas Agape of Oaxaca. The construction of a village for the reception of disadvantaged children, including 20 accommodation units, 3 school buildings, 1 church, equipment for collective life and recreation, represents an ambitious but unconventional opportunity to redeem the values \ u200b \ u200bof essential for our job.

The study of the culture of local living has made it possible to identify the fundamental types and relations among the significant spatial categories: internal-external, public-private, covered-discovered, near-far.

Monday, June 11, 2018 - 15:55

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