Truccazzano, Italy - municipality  of Truccazzano - 2001-04 - 2400 sqm - Guide to the Architecture of Milan 1954-2014 by Hoepli, Il Cantiere 6/04, Building 06/05, Italia Oggi, AIT 05/05, Best of Europe 05 , Building 8/10

I am very fond of this building.
It was the result of my first contest won (the first time is never forgotten). I spent 15 months in the yard, becoming a friend of the workers, less than the Mayor.

Truccazzano is a small rural center 30 km from Milan. In 2001 the municipality banned a public design competition for the construction of the new municipal headquarters. This is the simplest way to define the methods of environmental insertion and for the distributed and functional distribution of the interiors.

After two years from the competition the new office was inaugurated: today it is a fixed work population of 40 units; a small library for 30-35 users and a 100-seat auditorium, setting itself as a new urban reference and center of social aggregation.