Sewer Substation

Sewer Substation
some miscellanea for the moment. sewerage pumphouses, wastewater lab, general managers reception. Cities as designed/evolving/happening can be awesome in their high spots, glossies, interiors and ephemeral vitalities. There is no deep jungle ephemerality, no desert ephemerality, no deep ocean or icey wilderness. The best of cities will always require something that we can only find through the likes of sleeping under the stars to awaken by the village river looking to work nearby without traffic with tools of craft and fellows of easy laugh. The eternal ephemeral handcrafted country village will make use of the creations of the cities. The two should flow together. Let's be warey of the old silo effect, in this case the frontiers of urban planning having us stand beside ourselves in wonder at what we can create rather than beside the great creator of all.

Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 04:06

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