Silipol for Parah

Silipol for Parah

Mariotti Fulget joins Parah female universe, thanks to the versatility of its historical Silipol

The next chapter for Mariotti Fulget lands onto women’s world by Parah. Precisely via Parah new stores in Verona and Forte dei Marmi, thanks to the eclectic nature of a versatile material such as its trademark Silipol. As Magical as the formula that, for over sixty years, is preciously written in biblical recipes, Silipol perfectly responded to the idea that designers from Milan based Foro Studio addressed in their settings for Parah, the renown beachwear and lingerie italian brand.
The German Design Award - Special 2019 in Retail Architecture category, with special mention for “Excellent Communications Design”, was bestowed to Foro Studio for this project. Foro Studio casted volumes and forms hinging around themes such as exclusivity, luxury and femininity, and Parah stores have now that special design power, that transforms interior design itself into a combinatorial art. In fact, Verona and Forte dei Marmi spaces reveal each one this inventive philosophy, which in the first case is linked to a historical context, and in the other to a more essential and modern one.
In both cases contrasts and harmonies get alternated, maintaining a sense of an almost tactile balance throughout the whole project, where choice of materials was fundamental. Bare stone (as in the case of the boutique in Verona) responds to a delicate geometric pattern of the ceramic floor, and soft upholstered wainscotings are opposed to the horizontal display cabinets made of Silipol, which now is curvilinear and sinuous, for a completely new and extraordinary aesthetics.
Silipol color palette is unusual and new too, based on the entire concept of Parah spaces designed by Foro Studio. It is dusty pink dominating so the fascinating blend of Silipol, obtained from powders of marble, granite and cement, which once again reveals its endless purposes. Patches, waves, veins, all very clear, are held together by the most enveloping and comforting shades of soft pinks, which undoubtedly refers to the lingerie from the past, to a sweet imaginary, like the one made for Parah stores, where lightness of infused sensations prevails over apparent material hardness.
Right where Silipol transforms itself from a historical wall covering to a wrapping material, a coffer of female universe.


Mariotti Fulget

Mariotti Fulget Srl has produced highly resistant slabs in cement conglomerates with marble, granite and even hard stone aggregates for civil and industrial construction since 1926. It is a family business that has combined cuttingedge industrial technologies with a carefully crafted finished product for three generations. The extremely high production standards and constant qualitative research into aesthetics make the company an undisputed international reference. Mariotti acquired Fulget, the company producing Silipol thus inheriting its patent in 2010.

PARAH store – Via Oberdan 14, Verona
PARAH store – Piazza Tonini 12, Forte dei Marmi

Friday, February 15, 2019 - 08:23

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