White pine house in Lustenau

White pine house in Lustenau
The single family dwelling situated on the even land, is composed of two timber-frame-constructed  upper levels on top of a water-proof concrete basement. The facade is dressed in perpendicular white pine slats in three different widths. The entrance part of the facade is covered with fiber-cement-boards. The border to the neighboring property on the east is fixed with a wall out of exposed concrete reaching up to the upper most floor. The roof is flat with a round-running attica. Towards the western neighbor, a secondary building for storage is provided. The latter is also constructed in timber frames. It's facade is covered with the same fiber-cement boards as the entrance of the house. Immediately to the north of the building, a parking place, open on all sides is constructed in Steel. Project manager: D.I.Michael Klauser Statics, Building Services and Building Physics: Plandrei Hammerer GmbH, Egg Photos: Rainer Zottele

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 12:24

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