Architectural Wellness

Architectural Wellness




The Gessi Architectural Wellness project is a new concept in design that makes the functions of “wellness of the five senses” modular and cu­stomizable, with significant technical advantages.

Binario, the system that inaugurates the new project, envisages the overhead installation of wall mounted tracks, similar to those used in the lighting sector. These location, customizable by number, length and form, can contain modules with different functions: waterfall, nebulisation, rainfall, illumination, sound and aeration.The illumination component was develo­ped together with Artemide, with whom Gessi boasts a historic collabora­tion. The technical track that olds the shower, light, sound and air elements is installable and usable in the configurations preferred by the client.

The system can be easily modified over time without further structural work, through the addition of new plug & play modules.

The beauty of this product can extend beyond the shower area to also furnish other space of the home, creating versatile and new compositions.

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