True Ofuro Heated

Aquatica True Ofuro Heated Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub

One of the most important things for those of us who like enjoying a hot bath, is the water temperature. As time passes, the water temperature in your bathtub drops down and requires you to constantly be adding hot water to maintain the temperature, which in turn requires large capacity water boilers, wasting water and electricity.

Made of state-of-the-art AquateX™ solid surface material, the Aquatica True Ofuro Japanese style bathtub with Tranquility bath heating system is fitted with a recirculation system (just like the traditional Japanese oidaki) and ozone disinfection system. The Tranquility bathtub heating system was designed to eliminate the hot water adding hassle and maintain the water temperature at a constant 104F /40C (41-45C in Europe and other markets).

The built-in Tranquility heating system is utilizing a low flow/high-efficiency ultra-quiet pump. Equipped with minimalist control panel, a standard 1.5kW inline water heater (US) or 2kW (Europe and other markets) with ozone disinfection, Bluetooth audio system, and underwater LED сhromotherapy system, the Tranquility system provides the ultimate luxury bathing experience.

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