Paper bathtub

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Designed by Giovanna Talocci.


Design Giovanna Talocci

The Paper bathtub is constructed in Duralight(R), an acrylic based composite material  produced and patented by Teuco. The tub is available without or without hydro massage.

Duralight(R) is an innovative material that is resistant to heat, UV rays and impact. Thanks to its incredible durability, the color of the bathtub will remain vibrant and unchanged over time.

Protection is guaranteed against scratches, scrapes and the typical wear and tear that usual comes with daily use of a whirlpool bathtub. Thanks to the non-porous nature of Duralight(R), the bathtub is extremely hygienic, resistant to the growth of mold and spread of bacteria.

Teuco’s technological innovation has created the only Solid Surface bathtubs that offer wellness functions.

Paper was the very first bathtub to be fitted with Hydroline, a whirlpool system of minimalist slits, designed by Giovanna Talocci and patented by Teuco, which substitute the classic nozzles.

This bathtub model was featured in the 2011 ADI Design Index, the prestigious publication presenting the best of Italian design, edited by the Italian Industrial Design Association (ADI).

Bathtub models measure 168 x 64 to 210 x 110 cm.


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