Minima 3.0 Sketch

Download 3D BIM-CAD model Minima 3.0Sketch

Minima 3.0 by Metrica design Bruno Fattorini.

The Sketch wall-mounted bookcase, suitable for furnishing all areas of homes and offices, is born as an evolution of the Minima 3.0 system. Thanks to its 5 predefined configurations of different heights and widths, as well as the 4 color options from Minima 3.0, Sketch allows you to creatively, cheerfully, and functionally create and organize the space where you find it most suitable within your architectural or interior design project.

The structure of Minima Sketch 3.0 is made from fully recyclable aluminum. It is available in a monochromatic version with the possibility of adding accessories such as open compartments, fold-down containers, or drawers. Uprights and shelves are assembled using an invisible joining system, providing stability and load-bearing resistance to the structure. Depth is 33 cm.

You can make your home or office environment dynamic and versatile by incorporating the Sketch 3.0 wall-mounted bookcase. You can download the 3D technical files of the bookcase for free from this product page, and you can integrate them into your furnishing project to make everything more personal, playful, and versatile. Beyond the 3D models, in the download section, you can also download and consult the catalog and technical sheets for the Minima Sketch 3.0 product.

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