Minima 3.0 Sideboard

Download 3D CAD-BIM model Minima 3.0 Sideboard

The Minima 3.0 Sideboard by Metrica, designed by Bruno Fattorini, is a useful storage unit designed to organize spaces and contribute to defining the environment.

The sideboard stands out for its essential lines and timeless character. This piece of furniture can be placed in various domestic settings, including the living room and entrance, serving as a surface or as storage for books and objects. Alternatively, it can be placed in the dining room to store dishes and accessories.

Thanks to its double-sided structure, the Minima 3.0 Sideboard can be positioned in the center of a room to divide different areas. It is available in 8 configurations, with two heights: 60 cm or 100 cm, and 4 colors:

- White

- Graphite Grey

- Shadow Grey

- Pearl Nickel

The top can be upholstered in national walnut or in reconstructed stone, either White Lime or Black Slate. The sideboard can be customized with containers or drawers.

The Minima 3.0 Sideboard is constructed with uprights and shelves made of extruded aluminum, assembled with an invisible joining system that ensures stability and resistance to structural loads. The aluminum upright has a section of 1,5x1,5 cm, and the shelf has a thickness of 1,5 cm.

On this page, you can download the 3D technical files of the Minima 3.0 Sideboard to incorporate into your interior design projects for living rooms and dining areas. Additionally, you can use the sideboard as a partition to divide two different spaces.

You can also download and consult the technical specifications of the Minima 3.0 Sideboard product and the catalog of the Minima 3.0 collection.

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