Corda Chair

Tonon Corda 3D model for 3D Studio Max

"Corda" is a versatile modern chair, as it can be used both indoors and outdoors since the stem and rope are resistant to unfavorable weather conditions, both in cold and hot seasons.
The structure is made of steel and the painting is available in two colors, combined with the color of the rope that forms the supporting structure of the seat and the backrest. 

Two different types of weaves are proposed, obviously produced manually by craftsmen: the simplest one resembles a fishing net, while the more elaborate one is the result of a technical processing used on sailboats or by climbers in the mountains. 

Corda integrates well into any environment, whether it is the terrace of the house or the dining room, the terrace of a restaurant by the sea or that of a mountain hut.

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