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Chaises longues Landscape 3D Models

From this page you can download the 2D and 3D model of the chaise longue Landscape. This model was created in 2011 by the genius of Jeffrey Bernett. The designer, with his commitment and functional with attention to detail as well as the simplicity of manufacture, has won several awards in various disciplines, from furniture to graphic design residential. In September 1995, Jeffrey Bernett founded Studio B, which designs and promotes projects in a wide range of design disciplines. The model Landscape, chaise longue with the seat cushion essential sign is also available in versions with armrest and swing. The 3D model of the chaise longue is available in interchange formats DWG, OBJ, 3DS and proprietary formats .MAX. The 3D model was developed in collaboration with Autodesk.Il frame inside the chaise longue Landscape is made from tubular steel and steel. The padding inside the frame of this model is flexible polyurethane foam cold and lining in polyester fiber. While the padding on the headrest of Landscape is shaped polyurethane and polyester fiber liner is made ​​of polyester fiber. The support structure of the model of the chaise longue is in drawn steel that can be painted or chromed. The tips of this model are provided in thermoplastic material. The 3D texture to the coating are available in fabric or leather. For the mat, the padding is designed in shaped polyurethane and fabric covering. 

Made in the following formats: 

• 3D model chaise longue Landscape DWG 

• 3D model chaise longue Landscape OBJ 

• Landscape chaise longue 3D model 3DS 

• 3D model chaise longue Landscape MAX

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