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B&B Italia was founded in 1966 thanks to the intuition of the entrepreneur Piero Ambrogio Busnelli. 

A distinctive feature of the company is the industrial vocation, family and craft than the approach that characterizes the industry in B & B is introduced managerial logic in the business organization. 

B&B Italy is a leader in the design sector both at home (B&B Italian house division), and collective (B&B Italy contract division), both at the international level. The products B&B have made ​​a strong contribution to the history of Italian design and dissemination of the "made in Italy" that has made our country famous worldwide for its taste, creativity and the technologies applied. The same company headquarters, located north-west of Milan, was created in 1972 by two masters of architecture: Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. To respond to the evolution of living and reflect contemporary culture are the conditions that led to the collection of furniture B & Bs. 

Innovation, industrial capacity and creativity are the primary ingredients in order to obtain pieces of furniture quality and stylish, modern and highly distinctive. The research center & internal development substantiates the need for innovation, research has always been a fundamental strategy of business development. In the center of cultural events take place here take the form collaborations with international designers, is a real experiential workshop. The DNA of B&B reflected in the uniqueness of each project, a feature that pulls the values ​​of research, quality and creativity.



Ad Executive

A complete range of furniture for executive offices, meeting rooms and home offices. The project ...



Alex is the new series of tables in various sizes, distinguished by the pronounced design of the ...



Almora performs the function not only offer relaxation but evokes meanings related to hospitality...



A sheet of leather 'pinched' in two places at the base: hence arise the trend and the natural inc...


Andy 13

Designer: Paolo Piva, 2013

Low tables


Coffee table to be used next to the conversation area, with the dual role of supporting surface a...


Armchair Ac Lounge

This elegant, timeless piece features stitched cushions for both seat and backrests. Feet and pro...


Armchair Beverly

It comes from a known type, that of the folding chair that originated from travel needs.


Armchair Beverly '14

It was inspired by a common type, namely folding armchairs designed to meet the need to move furn...


Armchair Canasta

Patricia Urquiola approached the outdoors starting from the theme of reviving and personalizing t...


Armchair Canasta 13

Canasta '13 patricia urquiola dress in dove gray melange with the new yarn polyethylene generator...


Armchair Charles Outdoor

The range of sofas, chaise longue consists of 9 elements, different types and sizes, we now add a...


Armchair Coronado

Introduced in 1966, after more than forty years continues to be a symbol of relaxation.


Armchair Crinoline

The search for patricia urquiola on three-dimensional texture arrives to formal results, soft and...


Armchair Crinoline Outdoor

The search for patricia urquiola on three-dimensional texture arrives to formal results, soft and...


Armchair Fat Sofa

Organic shapes, soft and sinuous: a new expression of comfort is expressed in a series of session...


Armchair Fat-Sofa Outdoor

The rounded, soft and sinuous shapes of the fat-sofa seating system are the base for the new outd...


Armchair George

The new sofa george for the project collection is a derivative of the classic product originally ...


Armchair Grande Papilio

In 2013, Naoto Fukasawa creates Grande Papilio giving rise to the encounter between craftsmanship...


Armchair Grande Papilio Outdoor

Design by Naoto Fukasawa.


Armchair Hollow

This product is created from the assembly of a series of different sized modular panels that, lin...


Armchair Husk

Patricia Urquiola in 2011 draws Husk armchair by the plastic shell Hirek. The padding of the Husk...


Armchair Husk Outdoor

Husk Outdoor is characterized by a rigid body in Hirek® and a series of fluffy pillows, expressin...


Armchair J.J.

Antonio Citterio designs in 2012 the number of seats JJ which has as its characteristic variety o...


Armchair Jean

Designer: Antonio Citterio Collection: Project


Armchair Jean

The jean seating system, designed for the home by Antonio Citterio, has been extended to the cont...


Armchair Lazy 05

Casual and generous in proportions of the seat and backrest, capable of finding its place everywh...


Armchair Le Bambole 07

Icon of the contemporary expression of the most effective of Made in Italy capable of synthesizin...


Armchair Mart

Cozy concave shape, in two different dimensions, rests on a series of pedestals that modulate the...


Armchair Mart 2012

Antonio Citterio draws Mart 2012, the chair is available in two sizes, both from the concave shap...

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