Facade coverings,

Facade coverings Disegual 3D Models

LISTELLO DISEGUAL allows to give formal expressiveness to the facade through the use of soft mud clay slip bricks with different thicknesses bonded to the bearing wall. Once applied, it creates a movement of protruding volumes with respect to other coplanar describing original and customized geometries along with a play of light and dark, which adorns the facade with creativity, originality and unique vibration.

LISTELLO DISEGUAL is the answer to those who want to use facing brick in cladding building solutions with a propensity to modernity and elegance to the house interiors. Together with the advantage of a final look identical to a facing brick, both from the aesthetic, architectural and performance point of view, considerable advantages can be added thanks to the reduced thickness which allows the respect of the architectural constraints and widens the use of facing bricks in eco-saving claddings. Moreover, the easy and quick laying, without using specialized workers, allows a considerable expense reduction.

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