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SanMarco – Terreal Italia, a leading company among manufacturers of brick systems for architecture, is a rapidly expanding company: Three production sites and exports worldwide. The company, which has been part of the multi-national company Terreal since 2000 and a world leader in the brick industry with plants in France, Spain, Malaysia, Britain and the United States, presents itself as a genuine partner. Its network of professional agents and promoters reaches the entire country and its synergistic and dynamic organization constantly aims at quality throughout the production process, from the design to delivery. Furthermore, SanMarco stands out for its ability to support designers and architects with contemporary customised productions by experimenting with colours and finishes and also works alongside professionals in major restoration works.


The products offered consist of functional building systems that are broken down into four families:


1. Roofing tiles

SanMarco roofing tiles bring together the experience of the most prominent Italian productive tradition of flat and Roman roof tiles. From the attentive selection of raw materials to the most advanced experimenting, each step of the production process is aimed at flexibility and quality. The diversity of sizes and colours, unprecedented in Italy, reflects the "Made in Italy" tradition and makes it possible to adapt to different environments and latitudes.  The range includes flat roof tiles (Marsigliese, Portoghese and CoppoSanMarco Evo) and Roman roof tiles (Veneto and Piemonte), pitch accessories and accessories dedicated to any brick tile in addition to functional accessories for a safe, sturdy and sustainable roof.


2. Facing Brick

SanMarco wrote the most important pages in the history of brick façade coatings and continues to experiment with new forms and textures for contemporary buildings in which the brick displays flexibility in application and modernity of language.

In addition to traditional sandblasted textures (Classic Line) with a variety of colours and nuances, there are exclusive lines such as Vivo (without sand on the surface), MAAX characterized by new formats and unique tone differences, Terrae and Terrae Padane, the finishes of which show the traditional "hand-made" image. Each line has strips (up to 1 cm thick), angles and hollow tiles to accompany the traditional 12x25x5.5 cm format. Other formats upon request complete the largest offers available in Italy.


3. Ventilated Façades

SanMarco markets terracotta elements for Ventilated Façades. These elements are manufactured in Terreal's modern European plants and offer a wide variety of sizes, colours, finishes and surfaces.

The system comes complete with an aluminium substructure, retaining clips and terracotta elements (single or double skin) and have a contemporary architectural line. Sunshades complete the range and offer the possibility of customisation. They have been designed to shape the architectural shell envisioned by the designer.


4. Architectural Elements

The SanMarco "clay" Architectural Elements are still shaped by hand with care, as tradition dictates, with the use of unique and special molds to complete production that can meet all aesthetic and design needs.

The line includes elements for columns, pillars and arches as well as a series of ornaments and decorations, as well as wall covers, cornices, window sills, planters and wells, which provide continuity of finishing and colour with the rest of the construction.

The special terracotta pieces have astonishing application versatility, and provide formal and architectural solutions to complete interiors, gardens, terraces and landscaping for either modern and innovative contexts, traditional or rustic contexts or even for restoration works.

These architectural elements, produced in all surface finishes, complete all lines of bricks, hollow tiles and strips, and give an unparalleled aesthetic effect.

An expression of creativity, the SanMarco Architectural Elements have significantly contributed to the "handmade" charm. For years, SanMarco-Terreal Italy has been the depository of a productive wisdom that gives the customer a guarantee of excellent quality and unlimited availability of shapes and dimensions. Flooring (for both indoor and outdoor use) is a part of this product family and is ideal for people looking for the classic Italian terracotta flooring. The flooring is available in various formats (rectangular, square, hexagonal, octagonal and many others) and several colours. Customized products are also available upon request.


Facade coverings


Antico is an antique "soft mud" facing brick line: its irregular surfaces and delicate sand-blast...

Facade coverings


Classico is bright beyond compare with crystalline reflections and colours that evoke a timeless ...


Coppo Max


Coppo SanMarco EVO

Coppo SanMarco EVO is the evolution of Coppo SanMarco, designed to achieve enhanced aesthetic and...


Coppo Veneto

Coppo Veneto is designed to enhance the traditional style of tiles in Italy and SanMarco and has ...

Facade coverings


LISTELLO DISEGUAL allows to give formal expressiveness to the facade through the use of soft mud...

Facade coverings


The Dogi is extraordinary with an extremely fascinating smooth wall, moulded and blended over the...

Facade coverings


SanMarco has renewed the terracotta transforming it into a ductile material, modern and sharp, al...



Efficient and designed to meet modern construction requirements, this tile can be used for a wide...

Facade coverings

Piterak® Slim

Aesthetical and modern, Piterak Slim is a new large format  double skin c...



The SanMarco Portoghese interlocking roof tile combines classic style and modernity.

Facade coverings


With Terrae tiles, facades appear to have changing light and dark tiles with chromatic effects, i...

Facade coverings

Terrae Padane

Terrae Padane is the new range of SanMarco products available in colours: Giallo Paglierino, Rosa...

Facade coverings


SanMarco variations are your customised facade, created with the targeted blend of SanMarco's sof...

Facade coverings


This is an exclusive facing brick line finish without sand on the surface, reflecting light incom...



Volnay is the baseline product among other big flat tiles (10 pieces per square meter); it has an...

Facade coverings

Zephir® Evolution

Technological evolution of Zephir system, Zephir evolution is the new sin...

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