stone-effect porcelain stoneware slabs Fjord Graniti Fiandre

Fjord is the new porcelain stoneware slabs from Fiandre Architectural Surfaces: a floor and wall product inspired by the charm of Nordic stones.

In the northern lands, nature erodes stone, the fundamental element and undisputed protagonist of the landscape, creating fjords, which stand out in all their majesty against the seascape.
Fjord is a porcelain stoneware slab that displays natural tone-on-tone hues, typical of natural elements drawn by time and weathering.

At the bottom of this page, you can download Fjord porcelain stoneware slabs 3d textures, compatible with 3ds max and major design software, useful for incorporating this elegant floor and wall product into your architectural and interior design project.
You can also view the catalog of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces and the Fjord porcelain stoneware slab collection to view the floor and wall product applications and discover the available color palette.

The color range of this porcelain stoneware consists of six products: White Fjord, Beige Fjord, Brown Fjord, Black Fjord, Sand Fjord, Grey Fjord, and Dusty Fjord.

There are two types of surface finish of Fjord porcelain stoneware:

- White Fjord, Beige Fjord, Brown Fjord and Black Fjord porcelain stoneware are available with a honed finish;
- Sand Fjord, Grey Fjord and Dusty Fjord porcelain stoneware are available in both honed and slate finishes.

Fjord porcelain stoneware is available in large-slab sizes 120x60 cm, 60x60 cm and 60x30 cm.
All technical characteristics are set out in the Fjord porcelain stoneware data sheet, which can be downloaded for free at the bottom of this page along with Graniti Fiandre's other  porcelain stoneware information materials.

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