Fiandre Architectural Surfaces is a leading brand in the production of high-end full-body porcelain stoneware, belonging to the holding Iris Ceramica Group. Fiandre ceramic solutions are ideal both in the residential sector and for projects in the contract, wellness, leisure and medical sectors. With its presence in over 100 countries, Fiandre is the spokesperson for Made in Italy quality all over the world.

Fiandre has always believed in innovation and technology, setting functionality and cutting-edge products as its main objectives. The first among the companies in the sector to believe in porcelain stoneware and in the 20x20 cm size (considered remarkable in the 1960s), it has managed to achieve a dominant position in national and international markets over the years.

Fiandre products are conceived and created starting from excellent raw materials, pure elements that give life to quarry materials such as marble, granite and age-old stones, which inspire Fiandre's flagship collections. Purity, advanced technology, attention to the environment and continuous updating on aesthetic and design trends guarantee the products lasting results and impeccable quality, making Fiandre a point of reference in the world of architecture.
The result of a path studded with innovations is ACTIVE SURFACESTM, an eco-active product that boasts two European patents and has anti-pollution and antimicrobial efficacy certified according to ISO standards. A second important innovation is MAXIMUM Fiandre Extralite: extraordinarily large and light ceramic surfaces, up to 320x160 cm in size.

Fiandre pays constant attention to environmental and social issues by continuously engaging in the development and research of raw materials and new technological means that make it possible to better protect the environment from the harmful effects of industrialization. The results of this continuous research are recognized in Flanders by the ISO 50001/9001 / 14001/45001 and EMAS system certifications and by the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) product certification, an energy-environmental quality assessment system issued by the Green Building Council. Over 250 materials that have obtained this relevant certificate. A new important milestone is the ZERO EMISSIONS project, that is the installation of the first three "combustor systems with regenerative heat recovery" which ensure extremely high efficiency in the abatement of volatile and odorous organic molecules, expelled from the chimneys during the firing of the slabs. decorated. A first in the sector, put in place to achieve the set goal, which is to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds from the chimneys of the Castellarano plants to zero.



Agata Maximum

Agata Maximum is the product of the combination of Maximum technology and the expertise we’ve bui...


Aster Maximum

Endless spaces, up to 4.5 sqm per slab, for an essential and decisive architecture: Aster Maximum...


Bois Urbain

BOIS URBAIN is the new porcelain stoneware collection proposed by Fiandre, the knots and grain of...


Core Shade

Core Shade is the outcome of GranitiFiandre's never-ending technological evolution.


Datauni Maximum

Live in full color: black and white. The colour non colour of matter in all its purity.


Eminent Wood Maximum

An allegory of evolutionary metamorphosis, Eminent Wood unleashes all the power of the material w...



Colour is one of the main factors influencing the style of an environment and the choice of furni...



The porcelain stoneware slabs in the Fjord collection draw their inspiration from the enigmatic c...


Fjord Maximum

Fjord is the new collection of porcelain stoneware slabs proposed by Fiandre and inspired by the ...


HQ. Resin Maximum

The high performance of technical porcelain stoneware is combined with the peculiar aesthetics of...


Il Veneziano

Following in the footsteps of this quintessential trend, Il Veneziano echoes the magnificent trad...



Luce is the new Iris Ceramica Group project signed by Guillermo Mariotto.

Interior coatings


The base of each building structure is made of concrete, now it is renewed with metallic finishes...


Marble Active

Surfaces that reveal all the richness and variability of the most sought-after marble colors. ...


Marble Lab

Marble Lab is the selection of the most refined marbles by Fiandre.


Marmi Maximum

Marmi Maximum offers fine, decorative solutions, enriched by inimitable colour variations and vei...


Megalith Maximum

Megalith is the new line of the Maximum collection by Fiandre, it reinterprets the charm of the s...



Musa + is presented in a range of original colors and sizes. The basic shades chosen go beyond th...


Neo Genesis

Originally rocks and mountains appeared as immutable and perennial entities, the metamorphism of ...


Pietre Maximum

Pietre Maximum is part of the new Maximum size program designed to eliminate waste of material on...


Quietstones Maximum

Quietstones Maximum is the result of Fiandre's latest research applied to large formats and aimed...


Rock Salt Maximum

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces takes inspiration from an extremely well-known and essential eleme...



Solida is inspired by the stones of the North, connoting environments with lightness and elegance...

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