Kitchen and bathroom tops,

Cosentino Dekton download BIm Object 3D Texture ultra compact surface

Ultra-compact and high-performance mineral surfaces for interior and exterior use.

Dekton surfaces by Cosentino are ultra-compact worktops made from a blend of over 20 natural minerals, synthesized and bonded together through the sophisticated TSP technology. The ultracompaction process of Dekton (25,000 tonnes of uniform pressure: 2.5 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower) guarantees an extremely resistant product without stress points or micro-weaknesses, with almost zero porosity, making Dekton resistant to stains and liquids, making it ideal for kitchen countertops.


Technical advantages of ultracompact mineral slabs Dekton:

Dekton surfaces are scratch-resistant, resistant to high temperatures, abrasion-resistant, and easy to clean (just water and soap are sufficient). The non-porous surface prevents the absorption of water and liquids. They are also perfect for the most demanding applications, including use as facade cladding for buildings.


Applications of Dekton slabs:

Dekton worktops offer high performance and durability, thanks to their technical characteristics and the wide range of colors and textures available. They are ideal for both interior design projects and exterior applications. They can be used as kitchen countertops, bathroom tops, mineral wall coverings, as well as residential building facades, stone-effect floors, furniture, and shower trays.

You can create architectural projects with different applications of Dekton mineral slabs that can combine perfectly with each other (find Dekton objects in bim adsklib for Autodesk Revit at the bottom of this page: download them for free).


Dekton slab formats:

Dekton is available in slab formats of 3200 x 1440 mm.

Dekton by Cosentino comes in thicknesses of 8, 12, 20, and 30 mm to meet any application requirement. It is also available as Dekton Slim, an ultra-lightweight 4 mm format that can be used for cladding and furniture production.

For further information, contact the company directly through the pre-filled form at the bottom of this page: the Cosentino staff will provide support as soon as possible!


Dekton's ultra-compact cladding surfaces come with a 25-year warranty for slabs installed by an authorized installer or stonemason. Download the catalog of Dekton mineral slabs at the bottom of this page, along with 3D textures and design materials and architectural files compatible with major design software.

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